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I have an nvidia Geforce 9800gt video card. The fan went out so I bought the Zalman VF1000 LED. I hooked everything up, but when came time to connect it, I found that I have no place to connect it to. It won't fit on the video card like the original fan did and there is not extra connection on my mother board. How do I solve this problem if there is a way of solving it? My computer is a Gateway GM5260. Definitely nothing fancy, just a regular computer. This is the mother board: Intel (Love Valley P) P965 Viiv Motherboard R0
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  1. You mean pwm fan connector?
  2. Get a Molex to 3pin Fan adapter.
    usually can find them at local computer shops or ebay
  3. you can also plug it into a fan header on your motherboard, the motherboard doesnt care what kind of fan it is.
  4. I have seen the adapters and they seem to be what I need. The only thing is they say to connect them to the psu then one to the mobo so it can allow their speed to be synchronized with CPU load. I have a seperate fan controller. Do I need to plug it into the mobo if I have this feature?

    I found this one on Amazon: . Will this be good enough?
  5. I found exactly what I need. It's the Zalman ZM-MC1. Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.
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