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Will these work with my system?

Hey everyone,

I've had this machine setup for me by a friend, and am looking to upgrade it for Battlefield 3 and other upcoming games. I just wanted to run this by the community to see if my upgrades are "compatible" with my current setup. My resolution is 1680X1050

My setup consists of:

MoBo: GIGABYTE GA-MA785GN-US2H (Specs can be found here:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.22GHz
GPU: BFG NVidia GeForce GTS 250
RAM: 4GB (2x 2GB)
PSU: Enermax Tomahawk ETK500AWT 500watt

I beleive that's all the specs needed in order to answer the following questions.

1.) The Graphics Card I plan on upgrading to is the: EVGA GTX 560 TI ( Will it work with my current setup with no problems? Will it fit into my mobo correctly, and will it receive enough power?

2.) I know this is the Graphics card subforum, but I'm assuming you all know a thing or two about RAM ;) . I want to upgrade to 8GB of RAM. I know that my mobo will only support DDR2 RAM, and that I only have two slots left. Will these sticks of RAM work with my system? (

3.) I plan on overclocking a little later, but do you think with these upgrades i'll be able to run Battlefield 3 with high settings at a good framerate?

Sorry for the huge diatribe here, but I do need help. If these parts will not work, if you could please link or name any parts that will work.

Much Thanks!

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    That's a strange resolution. Most monitors are either 1680 x 1050 or 1920 x 1080.

    Either way:

    1. The video card will fit fine, and you should be OK with your 500 Watt PSU. Just double check the amperage.

    2. Your mobo actually supports 16 gb of RAM, and yes that RAM will work just fine. However, you may want to consider getting DDR2 1066 RAM for a little extra speed. However it'll definitely be more expensive. Just food for thought. Note that your next upgrade after this will definitely be a Mobo/CPU/RAM upgrade.

    3. I think that with these two upgrades you could definitely run the game at some decent settings with 60 FPS. However, "High" settings has yet to be defined with that game, so lets try and be cautious. Lets not forget what "High" meant on Crysis when that first came out.
  2. Much thanks, and I did mean 1680 X 1050. No clue why I typed 1250; i'll edit that in a second.
    I really do appreciate the help, and am very happy that everything will work fine.
  3. That's a great deal on the PSU for only $30 and it has ample amps on the 12v leg for a single video card.

    Have you considered the GTX 560 (without the "Ti") video card. It is a little slower than the Ti but its price is usually quite a bit lower, too - just a matter of personal preference if you want to pay the incremental price for that incremental increase in performance of the Ti. See this review for more info:,2944.html

    Like this ASUS GTX 560 for $155 after a $20 rebate and a $10 promo code that ends 8/31:
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