Please Explain How Road Runner Speed Works In my Network Configuratio

I want to ask if someone will explain why,,, I just got this new package from Bright house / Road Runner, supposed to be faster DL and Video streem, But testing all my systems wired and wifi, the network speed is slow up and download on a older laptop HP,, I have a older desk top and it seems to be fast, ( when check with online speed test, road runner, I was hoping someone explain what regulates this speed for different computers, I have 2 routers, one I use only as a switch to a wireless router and other devices, xbox, PSP, SOME things seem to accept and show running at a higher rate,, help me out, where do I learn more on this speed stuff since these are different package deals they are selling to us..? Just want to know I am not paying for something I don't need.... Thanks, Guys... John
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  1. The dsl reports faq page has an entry for just about every dsl related topic you can think of - including one for road runner. Maybe try look there?
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