Dell inspiron 620 power supply.

Does anyone know a power supply that I can buy to upgrade my inspation 620 305 watt power supply with? I would need a stock number and not just a brand name. I dont care the brand.thanks
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  1. seeing how you have the mini tower it will be very difficult to find a good higher wattage power supply to fit in that case.

    if you have the standard desktop case, you should be able to put any standard ATX power supply in that case. Which do you have?
  2. Before we go any further, can you list all your system spec? Also, what size is your case? (ATX, m-ATX etc)
  3. The 620 uses a standard ATX PSU. The 620S uses a MATX PSU.
  4. There are two different Dell Inspiron 620 models. The Inspiron 620 and 620s desktops.

    The Inspiron 620 has a Mini Tower Micro ATX form factor and a standard ATX12V 300 Watt Power Supply.

    The Inspiron 620s has a Slim Tower and a 250 Watt TFX12V Power Supply.

    I've seen an Antec NEO ECO 620W PSU installed in the Inspiron 620 Mini Tower with no problem.

    Are you planning a graphics card upgrade? If you are, please specify the graphics card that you are planning to use. This information is needed to determine the appropriate power supply capacity needed to properly power the system.

    What is your budget range?
  5. Im not sure what video card in going to put in but I did pick a 460 watt power supply
  6. What is the brand?
  7. I changed to a antec 520watt power suppy because ive seen a antec in a 620.
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