No beep on POST, Error code 4f, 62 and a2/a6

Hello everyone, first time pc builder here, having a few issues.

I am not getting any beeps on POST, but when the RAM wasn't installed I was getting 3 beeps.

The codes I am getting are: 4f, 62(b2?) and a2(I press F2 and it changes to a6)

What I currently have installed:
ASRock z77 Extreme 4
Intel i5 3570k CPU
EVGA NVidia Gtx 660 GPU
GSkill gddr3 2x4gb RAM
Eagle Voltas 600w PSU

Any suggestions?? Please help, I really wanna hear that single beep lol :??:

EDIT: Also when I plug up to my monitor, I'm not getting anything. Just a blank screen. I also have both a usb keyboard and wireless usb mouse plugged in.

EDIT: Just plugged my pc into my TV via HDMI into the GPU. I can see the "ASRock UEFI Setup Utility" screen! Still no single beep though. I guess I'll just get my HDD, disk drive, and OS and see if I can boot it up properly.
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  1. Hi, For beeps you have to connect a case speaker to the motherboard.
  2. I'm sorry, I forgot to list that.. I have a case speaker attached to the mobo, It beeped 3 times when I had the RAM uninstalled :) Thank you for the suggestion though
  3. And I missed the 3 beeps part. Sorry. Can you use other port than HDMI for connecting the monitor (DVI to DVI or VGA to VGA)? Do you use the onboard or the graphics ports?
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