Overclocking via bus speed on a locked amd xII920

I have a asus CM1630 desktop and i just replaced teh cpu fan and was wondering about overclocking.

the cpu is a Athlon XII 920 2.8ghz locked with no bios options to go in and tweak. As the multiplier is locked, I could increase the bus speed wtih amd overdrive, but how much safely?
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  1. As long as your temps are low overclocking shouldnt' be a problem.
  2. you can hit 220mhz base clock easily temp will not pass 55
  3. bus speed overclocking takes a bit of patience. you have to keep an eye on your HTT and memory speeds. As you increase your bus, the htt and memory will increase much faster, so you will have to lower them after the initial bus change.
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