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Watch video while playing a game on PC

I wasn't sure where to ask this and trying to Google it brought up no answers so forgive if it's in the wrong area. I would like to be able to watch a movie on my PC while I play an MMO. I know Windows Media Player has a setting to keep the player on Top at all times but it disappears as soon as you launch a game. I would like to make the display really tiny and have it running in the corner while I play the game and I would prefer not to play the game in windowed mode.

Anyone know of any Video software (Free) that would let me do that?

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    I don't know any software off hand. Most games get full priority when loaded up and they often get very unhappy if anything tries to display in the same real estate. I recall the gadgets side bar in Vista trying to show through the games and causing all sorts of chaos. The games are just simply not designed to share unless it is Tetris or something. You would be far better off getting a cheap second monitor. A little bit of tweaking should allow you to achieve what you want then.
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