Supported motherboard for Intel Xeon 1230

Could you please advise me to purchase a suitable motherboard for Sandybridge Intel Xeon 1230 which supports non ECC memory.

Intel 1200 BTL and BTS only supports ECC memory.

I believe people have been able to use this processor with MSI Z68 board. Will this processor work with Intel - DZ68DB motheboard.

Supported processor list shows Xeon E3-1260L and E3-1220L.

I have seen the Asus motherboard P8B WS which is not quite available in India.

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Which socket 1155 server motherboards are available in India? Since the Xeon 1230 is not on the CPU list, presume that it isn't compatible with the Intel DZ68DB motherboard. I checked a few MSI Z68 motherboards and there are no Xeon on their CPU list.
  2. Officially it is not supported but it does work with some motherboards. I believe especially with Asus or MSI motherboards. Please see the below url from another forum. If someone has built it already then it would be easy for me to buy that. My preference is Asus motheboard though.
  3. The member who used an MSI Z68 motherboard didn't provide enough info to make me comfortable with that solution. I'm not saying that it won't work, but MSI don't officially support Xeon processors on their Z68 motherboards. If you can return the motherboard, then give it a try.

    Most ASRock P67 and Z68 motherboards officially support the E3-1220; however they don't list the E3-1230. See where a member is using an E3-1230 on an ASRock Z68 Pro3-M. Based on that info, I'd buy a motherboard that officially supports the E3-1220 and hope that the 1230 will work. Again it may work on all P67 and Z68 motherboards, but I couldn't find evidence that it does.
  4. Thanks for your help and support regarding this. I am planning to put this processor in my friend's Intel® Desktop Board DH67BL if it works I will buy Z68 or P67 boards.
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