AMD Bulldozer\'s have arrived! FX-8150, FX-8120 & FX-6100

I currently run a AMD phenom 965 and bought a fx-8150 to upgrade to. I've heard all kinds of rumors of just what i have to do to get it to run right. I.E. flash bios, reformat. I've got a ASUS M4A88-V EVO Mobo with a AMD 880-G chipset. geez everyone has me freaked out. what is the proper way to do it using win 7 OS without a bunch of bs.
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  1. if you want help i'd suggest changing your title to something like, 'how do I make sure that upgrading to 8150 goes smoothly' so that it looks like you are asking for help and not just stating that bulldozer has arrived, which lets face it is old news.
  2. ok sorry
  3. There is nothing special you need to do. Just install the cpu and cooler properly, and let windows do it's thing. If you get a blue screen because of the hardware change, then you'll need to reinstall windows, but that's all there is to it.
  4. tyvm im such a noob at forums
  5. its not a problem, just think about what you need to tell people for them to help them.

    a good title will let people who know how to help you know that this is something hey can help on.
    good detail in the question will help them understand what the problem is, and therefore what the solution might be.

    everyone where wil ltry and help you, if you let them.
  6. What makes you think you can run a FX-8150 on your motheboard? ....and what does a FX-8120, FX-6100, FX4100 have to do with anything?
  7. From the cpu support list = FX is not supported
    ASUS M4A88-V EVO
    Not going to happen.
    You need a mobo that supports FX cpu.
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