Which one would i choose?

I'm thinking of buying a new AMD motherboard that support windows 8, also I have a low budget just around 90$. Right now my choice is: 1.MSI 970a-g6
2.GIGABYTE 970a-ds3
3.Your advice in the reply

Also I want one with USB 3.0, SATA III, support my cpu :AMD ATHLON II x3 2.7ghz 425

Thanks in advance
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  1. Your current mobo doesn't support Windows 8? What makes you think that? What do you currently have?
  2. My current mobo is a GIGABYTE Ga ma74gmt-s2 and what makes me think that is after installing windows 8 bios boot slower i mean super slow.

    I meant by 'support windows 8' is that the mobo have officially certifeid from microsoft that it is compatible to ran windows 8 here's a website from MSI and GIGABYTE explaning everything:
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