New GPU, Same problems

To begin, here are my current specs.

Q6700 @ 2.66 ghz
MSI P7N Platinum mobo
750W PSU

I just got the gtx 560 today, I upgraded from two 9600 GT's. One of them stopped working properly so I thought I could upgrade anyways because a lot of games started to seem slugging. In Black Ops I was dropping down to around 25 FPS at times even on low settings, and at times I still see FPS drops under 60 in CSS, which is an ancient game.

So I got the new GTX560 in today, installed the drivers and everything fine. So I start up the games Ive been playing, and there is NO improvement what so ever.

Im not a huge computer hardware expert, so I was wondering is it my CPU or RAM that is bottlenecking my GPU?
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  1. They really shouldn't be in Black Ops or CSS, maybe in other, more intensive games, but still not to that extent. Since the problem has persisted, it seems like it would have something to do with your OS or other software rather than hardware. Did you run Driver Sweeper?
  2. Nope, not familiar with the software. Ill google it.

    Will this blow every driver off my computer?
  3. It will uninstall the drivers that you check with a tick mark or so.
  4. If the upper limit remained the same with both setups, you have a bottleneck somewhere else. Try pushing that Q6700 a little to see if you're CPU bound.
  5. Well I got rid of all the display drivers + some others with driver sweeper and there doesnt seem to be any difference still. I highly doubt it, but Im doing a scan with eset right now, just incase there is something I dont know about eating away at my resources.

    And Id like to push my q6700 a bit, I know my mobo is perfect for OCing, but I dont know a whole lot about OCing. There will be a learning curve there.
    Check the overclocking guides if you have never overclocked anything before.
  7. Perfect, thank you. Think I could hit 3.0ghz with my current setup?
  8. You may need a cooler for that. I wouldn't OC without getting a good CPU cooler first. :)
  9. If you have an aftermarket cooler then it shouldn't be a problem at all.
  10. Dont have an aftermarket cooler, although the stock one seems pretty huge, and it sits a few inches just bellow the huge fan ontop of my antec 900. Not sure if that would be enough.
  11. How full is you HDD? There was another post here about a week ago where the guy had about the same problem. He found that his HDD was very full. After making some space on it his games worked perfect again.
  12. It was down to 15 GB left a few weeks ago, so I blew a whole lot off now I got 65 GB and still the same.
  13. Anyways, Im going to start OCing right away. Im gonna go to 3.0 GHZ for now, see what the temperatures are like, if theyre still low I may try pushing 3.2
  14. Keep a close eye on the temps. :)
    It's best you get an aftermarket cooler though. I wouldn't risk it.
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