How to flash a bios creating auto batch file and flash the bios?

I want to know if I can flash a bios using auto batch file. The motherboard is Asus "P5KPL-AM-IN" which is running but no display. In a once the display came and it was showing bios is recovering. But now I am unlucky no display only screen is black and the keyboard LED blinks. I have a Asus Bios recovery and driver CD but without the display I can't browse the CD or navigate. I think the other way is to create a bootalble USB drive and than copy the BIOS file and make a auto batch file. But never tried it before and how to create the auto batch file.
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  1. it sounds like you have corrupted bios for whatever reason. you should contact asus...they have a very good support. they will most likely ask you to send the motherboard to them and you will receive a new replacement
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