Upgrade gpu or cpu or both

basic system specs

bfg gts 250 1gig nvidia vid card
m42n82 deluxe motherboard
4gig ocz dd2 ram
2.7ghz athlon x2 64 bit 7750 cpu

so i am hoping i can just upgrade the 250 to 6870 (most i can go up with my budget)

but what would you guys suggest, upgrading both cpu and vid card? or just one of them or getting the sli setup with two 250s.

i just want something that can keep me happy now with bf3. The game runs medium to high in single player, but in multiplayer with my current setting, theres some lag that i dont like due to the graphics.
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  1. What rez do you game at? The HD 6870 is more than the old Athlon x2 can keep up with. But it still will be an improvement to the GT (?) 250. I can't tell what kind of board the m42n82 deluxe is, so I don't know what CPUs it can take. But the Athlon X2 is definetly ready for replacing.
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