2 internet connection in one pc

I am using Windows server 2003 with 8 clients connected through a switch.
I have 2 internet connections with different isp(both attach with networking cable). I want to connect both connections at same time with server or switch so that when ever one connection does not work or link is down the other could be used.
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  1. Is it possible to connect server with 2 separate NIC cards instead of router with separate isp connections because i heard there is a software LOAD BALANCER with whom both can simontenously work.
  2. It is much better to take Emerald advice - Dual WAN router.
  3. I believe Untangle will do it. it has two apps your can install a WAN balancer and a WAN fail over. But you need to pay a monthly fee for them both :(

    but this will replace your server 2003 OS with Untangle OS, so I am not sure if that is what your are looking for. Unless you have a secondary computer you are not using your can use.

    I think there is a Untangle you install on top of windows but that also cost money, and I am not sure what it does.
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