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CPU temp help! (i5 2500k @3.7 ghz)

I have the COOLER MASTER 212+ and my temps on my i5 2500k OC'ed 10% to 3.7 ghz IDLE read as the following:
Core #0: 34 C
Core #1: 40 C
Core #2: 38 C
Core #3: 35 C

Under heavy load, it reaches a little over 80 Degrees C
Is this a problem? Should I upgrade to a liquid cooler instead of keeping this COOLER MASTER 212+? I thought a decent off-the-market cooler would be good enough to keep a slightly OC'ed Processor (10%) cooled under a heavy load.
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  1. Where do you live? Is the cooler mounted on properly? Is case airflow good?
  2. It..should be mounted properly. Why? Do the idle readings seem high, as well?
    Nothing is blocking much space in my tower. It's pretty wide open so I doubt airflow is a problem.
    While playing a game, Temps reach around 55 C. Is that too high?
  3. Check again, 80C is much too high. I was only reaching the ~70C on my 2600k @4.6ghz.
  4. Alrighty, Ill give it a try sometime during the day and see how much cooler it'll get. What method do you recommend while applying the thermal paste?
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    Only use a TINY amount of paste -- to much does more harm than good.

    My i5 is running at 4.3ghz and 35C at the moment :-) Granted I have a performance cooler, but the 212+ should be pretty good too. Sometimes I get near 50C.
  6. Ah....I guess the method of applying thermal paste was inefficient (Damn Youtube!!) Corners of my CPU had no thermal paste on it, so I reapplied and made sure a thin layer was spread throughout the entire cpu. Now, When I run IBT, top temp is a mere 65 degrees C compared to over 80. Bah, I feel like such a novice. Simple solution =) Thanks for everyone's help, though!
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