Dual core vs Quad on my Zpro 9228. Performance Difference?

I'm interested to know if I upgrade my IBM ZPRO 9228 from a 2x Dual core 2.66Ghz processor to a Quad 3Ghz will I see any notable difference? I have this computer running for my Designer that uses Chief Architect and 2010 MS professional word and excel. Comes with a NVIDIA QUADRO FX3500 256MB.
I understand that these 771 socket Xeon chips don't have Hyperthreading..(same)
Thank you.
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  1. Unknown.

    The best advice that I can provide is to install it on two desktop PCs one with a dual core and the other with a quad core CPU. They both should be rated at the same or close enough clockspeed to determine if Chief Architect can scale with multiple core before you decide to upgrade the Xeon CPU in your IBM workstation.

    MS Office does not benefit much from go to quad core... well it might shave off a fraction of a nano second here and there. Possibly Access will gain some noticeable performance boost if you are dealing with an immensely massive database.
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