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How much psu watts for my build?

Hye everyone.. Just a quick question here.. Im going to build a full set computer soon and I don't even know how much Watts(maybe model too) I need for my spec build...

Mobo- EVGA x58 ftw3
Processor - Intel i7-930
cpucooler-Corsair H100 Extreme Performance
case- Rosewill thor v2 ATX fulltower
memory- Sector 7 6gb ddr3 1600MHz
gpu- 2xMSI GTX570 Twin Frozr III (or maybe 3 in the future :D)

and obviously, im going to overclock to the very2 extreme performance within stability..

Thanks in advance :D
p/s: please rate my pc build spec out of 5
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  1. why aren't you going with sandybridge? Get the i7-2600k.
  2. amuffin said:
    why aren't you going with sandybridge? Get the i7-2600k.

    sandybridge?like heat sink?? i just wanna try with water cooling this time..hmm, about the processor, my brother gave it to me, and its about a year purchased.. I dont have enough money to buy i7-2600k, if only I can step up my i7-930 to i7-2600k, i will definitely do that.. :D
  3. Oh ok, for your psu a corsair tx850w will be perfect :)
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    I agree with amuffin, with the money you're spending i'd go with Sandy Bridge.

    As for wattage you'll need a solid PSU that's at least 850w-1000w for 2x 570's if you're planning to get a third 570 in the future then i'd pick up a 1200w unit.
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