MB turns off and on continuously

I am building a computer using the GA-Z77X-UD3H (rev. 1.1) MB, Intel i7-3770K, 2x8GB Corsair Type DDR3, and Antec HCG-750 power supply

The computer goes off and on. It stays on for one (1) second and the M_Bios light is on, and then the computer turns off. It comes back on five (5) seconds later and stays on for one (1) second with the B_Bios light on, and then the computer turns off. The pattern continues.

I took everything out off of the MB, including memory and processor, and took the MB out of the computer case and put it on the MB cardboard box. This still happens.

Any ideas?
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  1. It sounds like an issue with the BIOS. Is this the first time powering it on since you built it? Or was it running, and is now doing that?

    You can try resetting the BIOS via the jumper pins, or I think that board might have a reset CMOS button you can press which will reset everything.

    Secondly, Do you have the CPU fan hooked up correctly? If it is not in the correct port on the MB that can happen. Also, when you took the CPU out, did you re-apply the thermal paste correctly?
  2. Just to rule out anything simple(we've all missed something simple).

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