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Hi guys
I am building a computer specifically for gaming and BF3. After talking to a guy at EA, I had originally ordered a 64 gb SSD, but he recommended a 128gb, which I ordered. The problem is, the 64gb has shipped. Should I keep the 64gb in an array with the 128gb drive? I want to add a larger HDD as well. The 64gb is around $100. Is it worth it to keep 2 SSD drives?
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  1. Created an account just to respond....

    Depends on if this is the same drive as your Windows? I am running a 64 GB now and seems like Windows and basic stuff like MS office ate all my storage. So if this is a separate drive from your boot, then you are G2G. Otherwise get the 128.

    - Just google'd Win7 and it takes 15 gigs.. not sure why my HD filled up so fast... but yeah go big =D
  2. Ah just took the time to actually read the full thread... Didn't see the part that you wanted to "add a larger HDD as well"

    It would be nice to have SSDs for both, but personally i would save the money. I would do 128GB which should be good for windows and 2-3 games... get a 640 WD black or something for your media. IMO, don't need fast iops / r/w speeds for mp3s and movies.
  3. If you are BUILDING a new computer for this, look into Intel caching and the new features like this. The SSD caching with speedy bootups and so forth will make a big difference.

    As for BF3 in actual gameplay, this wont change that much. Load times, I suppose.

    In your case, I would nix the 64GB drive, it is too small to prove very useful, except for maybe a cache drive. Windows 7 NEEDS something like 15GB to install, but it grows in size fast, very fast. For instance, current work laptop for Windows 7 Pro is 28.4GB with nothing weird installed. Dont forget updates and service packs. That 28.4GB is JUST the Windows folder, nothing else.
  4. cool, I kind of figured that-I can return the 64gb ssd and get a 1tb hdd and save some money.
  5. I agree with chillax. Use the SSD for your system and a large spinner for your storage and apps. I'm waiting for my shipment with almost the exact setup. Although if money weren't a huge concern, I'd send the 2 SSD's back, trade them for a single 180 gig SSD and spinner. (but that's just me) It gives you more options for your system & game drive. As chillax mentioned, you will probably be surprised how quick it will fill up when you add all your updated drivers and other crap windows adds.
  6. One last thing, i am set with an i5 and Gigabyte board, what do you think about the 560ti? Is there a better card for the money?
  7. I think that returning the 64 GB drive and getting a large HDD is the best option. You will easily be able to fit Windows and some of your games on SSD then have a lot more storage space on the HDD. Try not to completely fill up the SSD because you will see performance decrease.
  8. (1) Typical iinstallation of OS Plus nornal programs such as uSoft Office, 3rd party DVD disk utilities and seval others normally used programs takes about 35-> 40 Gigs. Add to this the space you would need to install your Games (s) and that will determine size. Don't forget a 128 gig (Dec count) is really only around 120 gigs in real life.
    (2) DO NOT use SRT when using a seperate SSD for a OS + Programs, espeacially if Gigabyte MB - There have been some issues that have surfaced (based on previous posts I have read).
    (3) All Three of my systems have dual SSDs, 1 for OS + programs (120/128 gig and one as a work/scratch disk. As to returning the 2 and getting a larger one (that equals the size of the current 2) does offer some advantages: (A) Only uses one sata III port. (B) May simplify installation, in that You do not have to decide what goes where, and (C) the 2nd one, unless you do it will probably not align the partition which adversely affects performance (Ways around this). My self I prefer the 2 SSD setup, but that is me. If you go this route (2 SSDs), put programs/games that are not the most used on the 2nd one.
    (4) Yes, do NOT fill an SSD, you do not want to go above 90% utilization.
    (5) Remember the SSD will ONLY speed up OS load and program Load times. Once in a program loads there is very little performance increase. If a Game, you will not see an increase in fram rate. If the Game maps are on the SSD then when a new map is loaded, it will normally load faster.
  9. Swapped the 2 (64gb and 128gb) for a 256gb SSD and a 500gb 7200 HDD. I think this is the best option, thanks so much for your help. Upgrading the Vcard is another $100, so I am sticking with the 560ti.
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