Crossfire 2 radeon 6850s

Hello, Im wondering if i can crossfire 2 6850s with my 700watt power supply and have enough juice left in the PSU to run my AMD Black edition 955 Quad Core

AMD Phenom II x4 black edition 955/8 gig ram (4x4)/Gigabyte 6850/500 and 640 HD is my system

it says 650 watts for the cards but cpu is 125watts so would i have to upgrade my PSU???
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  1. Your PSU will be okay, the cards won't use that much power collectively. The cards won't draw too much more than 150 watts each under load.

    So even pretending the cpu is 150 watts , 2x gpus at 150 watts under full load your still fine :) Although 650 is the lowest I would recommend 700 watts will be great. Hopefully it's modular // has the pins to power them.

    However you may have some microstuttering going on cross firing a weaker card like that.

    You didn't ask for it, but I'd suggest 6950's if it's not too late

    source: my brain and passion mixed with a link so I look legit.
  2. okay thanks also will any 6850 work with my 6850??
  3. johnb32xq said:
    okay thanks also will any 6850 work with my 6850??

    essentially yes, even a 6870 would work, however it's best to match your brands because sometimes they are a few hertz different. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it can induce a bit of microstutter
  4. It's best to have both 6850s run at the same speeds to minimize any issues, but yes you can crossfire any two 6850s together even if they have different RAM sizes and speeds.
  5. ok thanks guys
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