Z77 fatal1ty performance VS. MSI z77 G-45

Im looking into getting a new z77 board and there are two options im looking at, one is the msi g45 board and the other is the asrock fatal1ty performance board, both have good qualities and some minor things id swap between the two. Does anyone have any experience with these? there wasnt much for reviews on the asrock board but mostly good things about the msi board.

here is the msi

and asrock

The prices are pretty similar so im not to worried about that just more relability/performance. I am running just an SB i3 so i wont be doing any overclocking.

*i also mainly like the asrock because of the red/black color because thats the color scheme im going for.
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  1. Me personally i'd go with the ASRock. i have a ASRock Z77 Extreme4. And I think they do well with the mobo design for their boards. If you later decide to get a K processor. The ASRock will OC quite nicely.
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