Need help revamping old gaming PC

CPU: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
RAM: 2049.1 Mb
V/Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE
DX Ver: 9.0c
Mainboard: G31MV/G31MV-K Foxconn
O/S: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP3.0
HDD: 68.4 GB / 233 GB (70.6% Free)
500 watt Corsair powersupply

Im lookin to upgrade this for gaming a bit. I would say my budget is around $500 or so. My plans are of getting Windows 7 real soon and i definately need a new case. My cooling will need an upgrade, just not sure whats good to get for the money. What else do you guys think i should change or upgrade to? Much help would be appreciated. Links to the items would help greatly also if possible. Thanks.
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  1. For you I'd suggest a new CPU/Mobo/RAM.

    Is the $500 just for hardware, or do I need to factor the cost of Win7 into the $500?
  2. Either way really, im a single dad working lots of overtime. if it goes over $500 with win7 i can just wait a week or two to get the extra cash for it.
  3. Do you have any OCing in mind? How about dual GPU setups? I have a nice build for you, but I need to know these things if I need to change anything. I would definitely aim for a new CPU, MoBo, and RAM. A new case and CPU cooler should be easy to find.
  4. CPU: i5-2300 179.99

    Motherboard: MSI P67 Motherboard $135(105 after MIR)

    RAM: Corsair 2x4GB DDR3 1600 C9 $50

    This comes to $363. So if you need Windows 7 that would put you just under $500.

    If the budget doesn't include Windows 7 I can do a build for that too.
  5. If Win7 isn't included I'd get the same setup as before but add in:

    2nd GPU: Zotac 460 1GB DDR5 149.99 (129.99 after MIR)

    So without windows 7 and doing the rebates you could get a new motherboard, RAM, CPU and a 2nd graphics card. But then you'll face a am issue with the PSU not having enough wattage. Hmmm...
  6. Or spend the excess money on a new case/CPU cooler. Sorry I'm so wishy washy :(
  7. over clocking and dual gpu's have been considered, but with my current mobo and processer i didnt think it would be a good idea. so i havent messed with it at all. but in the near future it does sound quite good. maybe some setups for both routes? maybe even the non OC and dual gpu route to be ready for if i wanted to add them in later maybe and not have to buy a bunch of stuff later? i dunno, you guys are the experts, so you tell me :P
  8. :)
  9. and if you could give me some ideas on some good coolers and cases that would be appreciated too. I really dont know much about this kind of stuff. The original pc i bought was a pc pieced together by a local computer store a few years back.
  10. Well what are you looking for? silence or flash?

    Once I know that I can make some recommendations. Last I remember our budget is around $150(left over from the CPU/Mobo/RAM)
  11. it doesnt have to look that great, probably cheapest thats best for its money. But like i said, if its something i can do now to greatly improve the pc now and then in a few weeks or so upgrade it a bit more over the $500 im fine with that. i just want an end product that preforms well for me. But the current case i have now is way too small for what i even currently have. so that would be one of the main things i would want to look into getting for sure.

    I know win7 is pretty much a must, but is it something i can have held off until next upgrade and get the other stuff you stated +case and cooler now? then in a week or 2 get the win7 and whatever cool things you think i may need? lol

    also do you know of any free programs i should look into for maintaining all this or to help adjust the build?
  12. nobody yet?
  13. Sorry had a surgery friday and have been conked out on Vicodens.

    As for cheap but good computer case, I recommend the Antec 300 Illusion(or the non-Illusion variant) Its small in size but from countless Tom's System Builder reports it is plenty big for just about anything

    It runs around $50 bucks.

    If you're thinking long term I recommend: Antec 902 V3, P183 HAF 912,922,932,942(aka HAF-X)

    Also I have been looking at Fractal Design. The R3 looks good. And the Fractal Design XL looks good too.

    Also Corsair cases are excellent. I find the 800D dreamy($300) but the 500R and 400 are good cases as well. The 600T is popular.

    Lastly I am confused by what you're asking for when you mention "free programs" for "maintaining/adjusting" the build. If I can get some clarification on that I can provide more info
  14. looking for some kind of program/programs to help with the overclocking and maybe something to help adjust how the pc runs in general? the program that came with my gpu seems to be crap at trying to adjust anything. you move the sliders and it doesnt change anything. maybe its because everything else is so far behind? im not sure. but ive read others having to use other progs with the nvidia cards to adjust them
  15. I think it's MSI afterburner. Not positive if it's MSI, but I KNOW it's called after burner.

    As far as OCing the PC, that's all done in BIOS. But if you're not familiar with it I wouldn't

    Besides the i5-2300 can't be OC'd, which would just leave you your video card.
  16. It's called MSI afterburner, it should work with all brand and not just MSI
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