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i was thinking of buying a new high speed burner. i've read tons of good reviews about the plextor 12/10/32....with the burn-proof tech and all.....but the Yamaha drive which no one seems to mention (Yamaha CRW2100EZ Lightspeed 16X10X40 Internal EIDE CDRW )is even faster and not much costier.....i'm in a dilemma here...someone HELP.....!!!
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  1. The Yamaha seems to have trouble when trying to burn certain brands of cd media, and even though it's got 8 mb of buffer, buffer underruns may occur when burning so fast. I just got to say I love my Plextor.
  2. I would agree, go with the Plextor. As an added bonus, it's even cheaper than the Yamaha at where you're getting it.

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  3. thanks.....my mind is set then.....!!!!!
  4. guess my positive input about my plextor wont persuade your more or something

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  5. its got to be the plextor
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