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ATI Crossfire XFX 5870

I will receive my second XFX Radeon 6870 tomorrow, so i am preparing to get crossfire up and running. I have downloaded Cat 11.8. I see no new settings on the control panel.

When i install the second card and attach crossfire bridge will i see a new tab on the control tree to enable crossfire?

Anyone with reliable and knowledegable info about this process, please give me some heads up, for making this upgrade function properly.

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  1. yes there will be think its under overdrive
  2. Yep, two XFX 6870 installed with crossfire and new Corsair 750w PSU. Windows updated and downloaded all the new software automatically within minutes after boot and all went well.
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    but does it work well? do you notice microstuttering?
  4. No, i do not.
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  6. Hmmm, did not mean to clik that best answer thing.
  7. cry
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