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I have an HP 1430n. It has/came with an AMD Athlon 64 3800 dual core processor. Its an ASUS A8N-LA motherboard. Recently it froze on shutdown and then would not start. All I had were VERY fast fan speeds when I would turn it on. NOTHING on the bios, nothing. I thought it may be a power supply. Switched it with a working one...same thing. Video card? After I switched power supplies I got a brief look at the HP start up screen. But NO keyboard function at all. It was frozen. That leads me to believe that the video card is fine. I talked with some fairly knowledgeable computer people and they said to start with the processor. I tried to RESET the CMOS by removing the batter for about an hour as well. I tried to boot with just the CPU, Fan, motherboard and monitor & keyboard. Nothing. same thing. I tried switching out the RAM. Nothing. Different slots. Nothing. So, Got the new (different) processor. Installed it with the proper thermal paste and such. I got a screen that said something about BIOS LOCK or something...copyright 2001. There were also these, bar code type things diagonally across the screen. 3 of them and they were small. Similar to the codes you see in magazine ads that you're supposed to scan with a smart phone. I shut it down and could not regain this screen. The monitor stays blank as before. It's as though its not even hooked up. Light on monitor turns blue when receiving a signal. It stays an amber color.

So I guess what's the deal? Motherboard? Where should I go from here? Thanks everyone. First post here...

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  1. first off, welcome.

    As its a HP you may well have a locked bios, i.e. it will only accept certain chips. Hence the message you saw.

    I recently had a similar issue i was fault finding with, it turned out it was the mobo.

    Have you altered the machine in any way? have you added/changed the GPU? In the case i'm thining of, the power supply has been exceeded due to various upgrades.

    What processor did you try it with?
  2. Same exact processor...and athlon 64 3800 dual core. Nothing else has been changed
  3. new mobo will more or less certainly work, but you're buying a very old platform I think.
  4. Maybe so but I liked it.
    So any thoughts?
    Again I only changed the CPU. Nothing else.
    Same exact type of CPU.
  5. What were you doing before it failed, have you upgrading the rest of the machines at all?
  6. Time for a new computer. Not a HP.
  7. No upgrading. Using iTunes and it wasn't working very well. Also hooked up iPod but it wouldn't it didnt show on the iPod itself that it was getting a charge from the USB cable.
  8. I restarted and it wouldn't shut down all the way. It got stuck on the shutdown screen for about 10 minutes so I shut it off and tried to restart it and got nothing.
  9. are you sure that the PSU you used was suitable, less so now, but in the past HP and others (Dell) used PSU's that had a different wiring configuration on the 24pin plug.

    bumping after 30mins could be thought of as being rude, we're volunteers and often in a different time zone.
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