Dvi to vga adapter on HD screen

So i have a GTX 560ti, it has two dvi outputs and a mini hdmi. I also have a lg 23inch hd tv as my monitor. currently i am using a dvi to vga adapter to connect my card and monitor, though the monitor does support dvi and hdmi but i only have a vga cable so cant use them. (i have no issues with the picture quality i am very ahppy with it) Would i see any benifit from buying a dvi cable or hdmi cable and not using the vga cable, or will i be wasting my money, and if so which would be better the dvi cable or hdmi ? Any info would be great thanks.
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  1. Waste of money. Also, HDMI and DVI have identical video signals, the only difference is HDMI has audio with it.
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