BIOS upgrade necessary???

I am intending to install a 2TB storage drive in my Pavilion a4310f desktop. I already have a 750GB storage drive installed. Available slot on motherboard for second storage drive.
Have read that BIOS upgrade may be needed for this install. Found no information on applicable websites regarding this upgrade.
BIOS revision 5.19 02/10/2010; motherboard m2n68-la (narra-6).

Any input appreciated. :(
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  1. The BIOS updtae might not be necessary. Just connect and initialize it in Disk management. See what size will be shown.
  2. If BIOS upgrad is necessary, where do I find it?
    HP website, Pegatron were of no help.
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    No. There's no BIOS update available for the system.
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