Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 Graphical Issue

Greetings everyone,

I'm having an issue with a recent Sapphire HD6950 card. Whenever I load up a game the textures appear to be odd. Not all of them, but about 50 or so spots around the screen will have what appear to be distorted squares. In time these clear up, and after multiple restarts of the game, or even just different loading of the same screen, the issues disappear and wont come back until the next play session.
I have seen this in World of Warcraft, Batman Arkham Asylum and Command and Conquer 4, so I do not believe it to be game specific. This is actually the second one of these cards in this build as the first one was RMA'ed after 2 months of use (Black screen, max GPU Fan), so I do not believe it's an issue with the other components. I've verified this by putting in another older card which worked flawlessly (although at much lower resolution and settings).

Any thoughts on this or is my new card also likely to need an RMA?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I haven't noticed anything with mine although I haven't played the games you have. It plays perfect with GTA IV and about the 50 insane mods I have attached. EVE Online, Dirt3, Shogun 2, Counterstrike, Star Wars The Old Republic(beta), BF3(alpha), Team Fortress 2.

    I have the Sapphire FLEX 6950 tho.
  2. Heard back finally from Sapphire support. They agree it's a hardware issue. 2 cards down.... let's see if the third one works...
  3. sorry for offtopic but does 6950 have D-DVI connector? I need it for 120hz
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