Asus p6t v2 won't power on

I had a power loss today, but after it returned i can't get the pc to power up.

I have unplugged everything except the mother board and 2 fans from the power supply. It will light up the power button but not the main "asus" light in the center of the motherboard. I plugged a really small power supply to it and the light comes on. the smaller power supply doesnt have enough connect to power up the motherboard. So, i was thinking it was a bad power supply.
I unplugged the power supply, and tried the paperclip jumper. it will turn on and power up two fans.
so, i tried plugging it into an older small pc tower i had laying around. it powers up the "on" light and the pcu fan. Nothing else is connected to the older pc.
I am confused now. One test i tried makes me thing the motherboard is bad, the next test makes me think the power supply is bad.

Please help, i need to order replacements tonight.

motherboard: asus p6t deluxe v2
proccessor: i7 920
power supply: ocz 1010w
video cards: 2 x bfg gtx280
ram: 12gb
all water cooled.

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  1. Hi, Test firstly with a good power supply. I might be a motherboard issue also and not only a PSU one.
    The paper clip test is not relevant. The PSU might fail under load.
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