Swtich back to RAID from IDE? (new install)

I have a 4 year old HP (Pavilion) desktop. Recently the hard drive broke, so I bought a new Seagate 1TB hard drive. I tried to fresh install win7 but it won't let me, says something like not recongnized hardware, unable to install windows to the specified loaction. Then I did some search and read about IDE/RAID/AHIC, then I switched to IDE from Raid(which was defualt) and the installation completed. However, I read that IDE has severe proformance issues vs Raid/AHCI, I'm wondering is it nessecary or possible(how) to switch back to raid. I tried it myself and windows won't load and also i read a thread from the form that also addressed this problem. Any suggestions? Thanks.

PS: The motherboard is IPIBL-BL and I've done the bios update.
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  1. Hi, There is a registry solution. Install the Intel RAID driver, then using regedit, set the value for Start from 3 to 0 for msahci, iastor and iastorv. Google for "switch ide to raid msahci iastor" and you will find the path in regedit.
    If you don't want to use regedit, there's also a Microsoft patch. Google for it.
    Then restart, set SATA to RAID in BIOS and that's all.
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