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I haven't had a desktop for years but I would like to build a new computer that will allow me to play BF3. I am hoping that some of the experts can take a look at these components and give me some feedback or suggestions.

I will hold off on the gpu until the 7xxx cards are released. I am in not hurry so I am leaving the gpu out for now. I will eventually buy a single card but would like to have SLI/Crossfire capability for future upgrades.

I am planning to try using the SSD for SRT (smart response technology).

These prices are all from a local store but I am open to suggestions where I can get better prices (shipping to Canada).

Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 w/ Dual DDR3 2133, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Lan, 1394, CrossFireX / SLI
ILC: GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 SKU: MX33928

GSKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB PC3-12800 Dual Channel DDR3 Kit (2 x 4GB)
ILC: 848354006725 SKU: MX33234 10+

Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black 7200rpm SATA II w/ 32MB Cache
ILC: WD1001FALS SKU: MX22448 Limited Quantities

OCZ Solid 3 Series 2.5in SATA III Solid State Drive, 60GB
ILC: 842024026808 SKU: MX33379 10+

Intel Core™ i5-2500K Processor, 3.30GHz w/ 6MB Cache
ILC: 735858217354 SKU: MX31557 10+

Antec Three Hundred Versatile Mid Tower Gamer Case
ILC: 761345153003 SKU: MX20934 10+

Antec True Power New 750W Power Supply
ILC: 761345237529 SKU: MX23961 3

Sub Total $845.93
Shipping $0.00
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  1. unless i am blind you left out the CPU cooler.


    If that price is true then it is awesome. If not perhaps seagate is cheaper.

    For the same money you can go to a true gen3 motherboard. MSI (G3) or Asrock (Gen3) or wait for asus p8z68v-pro gen3.
  2. There is a cooler included with the processor and it works well .

    RAM for sandy bridge processors and motherboard should be 1.5 volt or less

    You could probably reduce the size of the SSD .

    The fastest conventional hard drive is the Samsung F3 . Its also quieter than the WD black
  3. i don't debate that there is a cooler with the i5 2500k, what i do debate is the reason of buying the 2500k without an aftermarket cooler. If you don't plan on overclocking it is a waste funneling the money on an unlocked processor. If that is the case the i5 2400 will do nicely or 2500 but not unlocked. It struck me odd to see the 2500k with no aftermarket cooler. Sorry if i made it sound snobbish, the blind part is because it could be there somewhere but i couldn't make it out.
    As for reducing ssd size, for SRT, i agree and disagree at the same time.
    Higher capacities also offer performance upgrades. Afaik you can dedicate half your drive to SRT and use the rest for your boot system. I see no point in that honestly since 120-128 is plenty-ish space to run all your crucial apps and games. Caching is used on files of repeated use, i don't see that happening on a storage drive.
    So i am guessing either go for what outlander_04 suggests and SRT a smaller ssd drive or forget SRT and go for a 120-128 drive. Personally i would favor the bigger drive.
    I am also not sure you would need more than 30gb on SRT. Think of it as a ram that doesn't erase that often. Weigh money and needs.
  4. Also about the samsung f3 it is undeniably the fastest you can get. If you choose to go big on ssd that won't matter so much.
    Personally i choose for each build whichever is cheaper at the time. You won't go wrong with any caviar black, barracuda 7200.12 or f3. Sometimes availability and shipping comes into play too. Fretting over a particular brand is pointless to me. Real life performance, i'd say you won't feel the difference between the 3.
    A difference between green/blue/black equivalents while on ssd is only felt while trying to move bulks of data from one drive to the other. Since this is a gaming rig and not a video editing one that would require you to perform such a task often, i'd once again recommend any of the WD black/7200.12/F3 in the off-chance that your ssd is full and you want to install a new game to your hdd.
  5. Thanks.

    So what would be your advice given that the WD black and F3 can be had for essentially the same price?

    I also forgot to mention that I am not planning to OC at this point. I will probably keep everything stock until I feel the need for a little extra power. My basic upgrade plan is to get the gpu in the next couple of months, OC some time next year (I have never oc'd before so I would probably be satisfied with 4.2-4.4ghz) and then eventually get another gpu for SLI/crossfire whenever the single is starting to struggle.

    Does that change any thoughts on the mobo or psu?

    My idea for the SSD is to keep minimal money tied up in this technology while it is still relatively expensive... I don't see any point in going down to 32 gb for the sake of ~$20. Thanks for the newegg link though.
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