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Hello, the problem is as simple as this: I recently purchased an amd fx-8320 for my computer. The motherboard I have is the Gigabyte GA-970A-D3. After reading up on it, I updated the motherboard to the latest BIOS version and the cpu is still being recognized as my old cpu: AMD Athlon II x3. Any suggestions?
Addition: here is the CPU-Z to show what is happening.

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  1. Hi, Try clearing the CMOS (Unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes).
  2. Eh? Read the Specification line slowly and loudly, then ask your question again...
  3. It's about the number of cores and threads. It should be 8 but only 3 reported.
  4. I see it now, yes. In that case, run msconfig.exe, go to Boot -> Advanced Options and look at the Number of Processors setting. If it is ticked, unselect and reboot.
  5. Well this is not good. I tried to change to number of cores on bootup and that did not work, so I tired to remove the CMOS battery and replace it back in. Now thr computer is stuck in a boot loop, and whenever it actually loads windows, it tells me I only have 255mb of memory available instead of 8gb available
  6. That's weird indeed. Try leaving only one RAM stick installed and test. Make sure the battery is properly inserted. Test with a minimum configuration and make sure all components are properly inserted.
  7. No dice. In fact, it hasn't come out of the boot loop in over an hour.
  8. It's the first time I hear of such behaviour after clearing the CMOS.
    Are you able to access the BIOS?
  9. yes. I can access everything but the operating system won't load. I would say it's a hard drive error, but I haven't touched it at all.
  10. I see. When clearing the CMOS, the settings are set to default. Check the SATA configuration setting. If IDE, set it to AHCI or viceversa.
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