Upgrading from my 6 year old pc.

I currently have a"compaq presario SR1563CL" I bought 6 years ago which is far behind todays requirements.. looking to buy a new prebuiltt pc by mid-november until I can actually build my own the way I want just not sure which pc to get out of these 2. On phone so ill post models and they show up on google easy. Only real difference is phenom II x4 945, 8gb ddr2, AMD 780V+SB700 chipset VS phenom II x4 955, 4gb ddr2, Nvidia MCP61P 6150SE chipset. I plan on getting a HIS IceQ x turbo radeon hd 6950 gpu & 700-800w psu(depending how much watts I'll need) after I get the PC. Can't afford to spend 800$+ all at once for a custom build.. but Id be using pc for final fantasy XI online, battlefield 3, elder scrolls V, and possibly dirt3. Just not sure which pc would be my best choice since I don't know THAT much about them besides knowing how to put it all together and simple stuff like that.. thanks in advance for any help you can give


ZT Affinity 7579Ma

ZT Affinity 7516Na
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  1. neither of those are a good idea. Old DDR2, no GPU.

    How much are they?
  2. 600$ but its payments and not all at once. or else I would build a pc.
  3. You should at least get something that isn't 6 years old to update your 6 year old computer. I'd recommend going to best buy as they offer 18month financing with 0% interest. If you want a decent starter computer you could get Generic gateway computer for $600. Add a graphics card and you are good to go. I don't particularly care for gateway but at least they are using modern parts.
  4. But do you need good/decent credit to get the financing with bestbuy?
  5. That I don't know.
  6. Hmm ill check it out also.
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