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hi im building a pc and was wondering which case was better i want a full tower 4 better air flow since i dont care much about how loud it is ive hearf exellent reviews about the cooler master haf x and it looks cool (i want a good lookin case) but i also found the nzxt phantom (black) and i gotta say it looks AWESOME and its a full tower and it looks lik a pretty good one so which case should i get nzxt phantom or cooler master haf x and pls say whether or not u have had one of these cases when u post and share which 1 u have
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  1. a mid tower gets pretty good airflow. Should really need a full tower unless you have a very large board and you want to have more than 2 gpus.
  2. This one is OK, LIAN LI Lancool PC-K63 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
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    (43 reviews)
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    In stock.

    was: $139.99now $109.99

    Two 140mm front blue LED fans, two 140mm top fans and one 120mm rear blue LED fan generate tremendous air flow to keep your hardware from damage caused by heat.

  3. The CM Storm Trooper got case of the year award from many websites :) It beats the HAF-X for a lower price ($150)

    It is unmatched for the $0 to $200 price range.
  4. ok nvm bout haf x its 2 expensive
  5. HAF is rated to be awesome. never get the lanboy air. i have a HU001 and love it. i fully watercooled it with 2 radiators despite being told i couldnt i did. the antec 100 is a popular case with the budget kids too.

  6. Get the CM STORM TROOPER!! It's the complete upgrade of the HAF-X, it's cheaper, better looking IMO, and better airflow.
    This case is just unmatched. Nothing can beat this.
  7. yeah but its lik 200 bucks im only spending 140
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    xtremegamer2da-max said:
    yeah but its lik 200 bucks im only spending 140

    Not sure where your location is but it's showing $150 with free shipping on newegg:
    COOLER MASTER CM Storm Series Trooper (SGC-5000-KKN1) Black Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case

    Looks like a sweet gaming case to me!
  9. thanx!
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