Computer won't boot to POST when using two memory stick

Hi, I got some problem on my memory. My computer won't boot when I install two stick ram. After I remove the one stick, it can boot to post. So, I think my memory was dead or my mobo memory slot was dead

What I can do?

1. Buy new memory with good brand
2. Buy a new motherboard
3. Not doing both
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  1. Hi, What motherboard and what RAM? Does it boot with any of the 2 RAMs installed?
  2. Already checked, my memory module was dead. So, only one stick was installed :D :P

    Slot was still working fine

    I want to deciding buy memory, which the memory has the good quality?
    1. Corsair XMS2 2GB
    2. Mushkin Silverline 2GB (more expensive than XMS2)
  3. Any of the 2. I would check their configurators, to make sure the RAMs are guaranteed as compatible with the motherboard's model.
    Corsair - use their Learn & Explore tab.
  4. Is it okay when I install Corsair/Mushkin memory mixed with generic brand memory (which it has Hynix chip)
  5. No. It's not good to mix memory modules/kits.
  6. Why? I had mixing the memory module with different brand (although it's generic brand, which it has same chip)
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