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Hello. I am getting some funds from a company which is planning on buying some PCs for our university (mainly for us, professors, for working in our offices). The estimated budged is around 500-550$. I am going to be using it for working with office programs mostly, maybe surfing the internet and no gaming at all. I do not need speakers, keyboard, monitor, mouse or an OS just the PC itself. We are from Bulgaria and we are not entirely sure just yet which the company who will be buying is the parts is and where are they getting them from. I am not going to overclock it and I don't think I need a good video card, since from what I've read for an office PC you don't need to have one. Thanks.
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  1. i5 2400
    H67 motherboard
    4 (2x2) GB RAM
    300-500W psu
    Mid tower case

    That would be a generic pc for what you'd want. The cpu can go cheaper to an i3. The H67 boards offer HD 2000 graphics, and buy a decent psu. The rest can be cheap stuff. I don't know what parts cost in Bulgaria but this build without needing peripherals or OS shouldn't be more than $350-400.
  2. alternatively: AMD Llano A6-3650 builds with 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB or 1 TB HDD and a good 350W PSU. runs about $350 each, 450 with windows
  3. i5-2400 for an office PC?

    An Athlon II x2 is already plenty for that.
  4. I mentioned he could just get the i3, but if he "can" spend 500 why not get an i5 2400 :P
  5. Was thinking more of an i3 with some Motherboard with an integrated video card, so if you can tell me a good combo I will be grateful.
  6. I need to know if I can use the H67 mobo for the integrated video card and which is better to use a Xeon or an I3 or an I5 cause the 1155 i7 is too expensive.
  7. for basic office stuff? an i3-21xx should be fine
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