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Well Folks,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I will give it a go. Also, my apologies for the noob question.....

But I just purchased the ASUS P8Z77-V PRO mobo and am going to buy one of these 2 GPU's. Can you tell me if they are compatible with this mobo.....
Sapphire Vapor X 7970
Asus Matrix 7970 (This is impossible to find now. I should of bought it for $475 on ncix when I had the chance!! But I might get lucky soon, I hope.)

Also, could someone tell me in plain english how to find out if a mobo and GPU are compatible. I need to learn this stuff :-)

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    YES it is.
    Generally all gpus are compatible with a mobo. What you need in the motherboard is a PCIE x16 slot, and recently I have learnt that you donot need a x16 3.0 slot to enjoy the full benefits a x16 2.0 is also fine. All mobo have pcie x16 slots
    SLI/Crossfire support
    they mean what number of graphics cards you can attach in parallel of nVidia and AMD respectively. You can either have multiple cards of nVidia or amd and not a combination of both.
    Power Requirement
    You need to have a power supply with enough wattage to run these computer components. You need to check these when buying a card. You will need a 750watt power supply to be on the safe side although a 600watt will also do.
  2. It is compatible. If the board has the required slot for the card, in this case PCIe X16, it is compatible. PCIe std is fully compatible regardless if it is 1.x, 2.x or 3.0 other issues like size of PSU (for supplying enough power) and space in case (physical dimensions) affect more selection of the card.
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