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does the EVGA classified SR-X support the intel i7 3930K ? i wanted to use two 3930k's but i was looking at the specs and the cpu has LGA 2011 and i was wondering if it was even compatible with the mobo i was looking at

^^there's the link to the mobo

^^there's the link to the CPU

i appreciate any help at all, i don't have the money for the parts yet but i want to make sure all the parts i get will fit together and are worth the moneys
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  1. i believe i7s dont have the necessary extra bits for communication between two processors whereas xeon processors do. The board has dual lga 2011 sockets but is for Xeon only. From the manual: Supports Intel® Xeon® Processor family for LGA-2011 socket.
  2. thanks, i didn't realize it only took xeon cards
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