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Hi all. I'm having some trouble with how to hook some case cables onto my mobo. The mobo is an MSI z77-g41. Here's what I have tried hooking up so far. Everything will be in the format: mobo/what I did. If you see "(x/y)" that means I have one plug with "y" holes.


speaker/speaker (1/4) . (no pin)
speaker/speaker (2/4) . . Power LED/Power LED (1/3)
speaker/speaker (3/4) . . Suspend LED/Power LED (2/3)
speaker/speaker (4/4) . . Ground/Power LED (3/3)


No pin . N/A
power sw/power sw (1/2) . . reset sw/reset sw (1/2)
power sw/power sw (2/2) . . reset sw/reset sw (2/2)
power LED/HDD LED (1/2) . . HDD LED/HDD LED (1/2)
power LED/HDD LED (2/2) . . HDD LED/HDD LED (2/2)

JUSB1 and JUSB2 (both same):

NC . No pin
Ground/GND . . Ground/nothing
USB1 or 2+/USB1 or 2+ . . USB0+/nothing
USB1 or 2-/USB1 or 2- . . USB0-/nothing
VCC/VCC . . VCC/nothing


Head Phone Detection/??? . . Head Phone L/L out
No pin . SENSE_SEND/???
MIC Detection/??? . . Head Phone R/R out
NC/??? . . MIC R/R in
Ground/Ground . . MIC L/L in

Extra cables on my case: MIC BIAS and MIC in (I assume MIC in goes to MIC detection?)

JCOM1 (I have no clue what this is for):

No pin/??? . . RI/???
CTS/??? . . RTS/???
DTR/??? . . Ground/???
SIN/??? . . DCD/???

JLPT1 (I have no clue what this is for; nothing plugged in):

No pin . . SLCT
Ground . . PE
Ground . . BUSY
Ground . . ACK#
Ground . . PRND7
Ground . . PRND6
Ground . . PRND5
Ground . . PRND4
Ground . . PRND3
ERR# . . PRND0
AFD# . . RSTB#

JDLED3 (I have no clue what this is for; nothing plugged in):

Reserved pin . . Ground
Reserved pin . . Reserved pin
No pin . Ground
Control pin . . Control pin
VCC3 . . Control pin
Control pin . . Control pin
Control pin . . 5VSB

EXTRA CABLES (all from one set):


Any thoughts on what I should do with these extra cables, the MIC BIAS and MIC in? Also, do you think everything else is hooked up correctly, specifically looking at the front USB sockets?


EDIT: Sorry, I tried to format the "."s to look like the motherboard pins, but it didn't convert when I pressed submit.
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  1. any thoughts on this at all? or am i in the wrong thread?
  2. Last there anyone who knows anything about how to hook this up?
  3. Download the manual at:

    Go to page 1-24. JFP2 has the power LED on pins 1 & 5 and if you have a little speaker it goes on the other side. Case speakers look like this:

    On JFP1 your power switch goes to pins 8 & 6, power led goes to 2 & 4, hard drive (hdd) led goes to 1 & 3, and reset switch goes to 5 & 7.

    Next page - USB3 connector (if you have one) goes in like that.
    Next page - USB2 connectors go on these pins.
    Page 1-27 shows front panel audio.

    JCOM1 is for old style com/serial ports, probably not used
    JLPT1 is for old style parallel printer port, probably not used
    JDLED3 is for a voice control module, not needed
    TPA+ and other connectors are for firewire, your motherboard doesn't have it.
  4. Thank you for this information. I used the manual to get as far as I did (I have it in print, as it came with the mobo). I think where I'm mostly confused is that my sound cables don't match what the mobo manual says. For example, I have no idea what a "MIC BIAS" is, or where the mobo has a place for "SENSE_SEND"?

    I'll just play around with it until everything is working. Hopefully that doesn't cause anything to short out.

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    It looks like your front panel audio on the motherboard is AC97 (instead of HD Audio like on newer boards). Fortunately your case appears to have the same type.

    The connectors bundled with MIC BIAS and MIC in go to the header called JAUD1. Sometimes front panel audio is confusing so I'll try to help.

    Go down the the part for AC97 Audio on this page:

    MIC in goes to pin 1
    Mic BIAS goes to - pin 3
    Ground or GND goes to - pin 2
    R Out or the first connector with r - pin 6
    R Sout or second connector with r - pin 5
    L Out or first connector with r - pin 8
    L Sout or second connector with r - pin 7
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  7. Thanks! After finally getting a moment to set this up the way you showed, I at least get some kind of signal. The front panel audio must just be bad, though, as I only get a partial sound when the headphones are plugged in half way. Plugging them in all the way sets the sound back through the speakers and nothing through the headphones. But before nothing came through at all, even when I did the half-way plug-in. Oh well...maybe I'll get a new case in a few years.
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