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So I had to take my mobo out of my case and upon reinstalling it discovered one of the standoff screws is loose and just causes the standoff to spin when you attempt to tighten it down :fou: Now the standoff itself is secured to the mobo and the screw is not going anywhere but the screw itself will just spin in place also if you attempt to tighten it down anymore. Its an Asus Maximus V Formula mobo and its the bottom right standoff screw in a CM Storm Trooper Case. Should I be concerned with this screw or as long as its not going anywhere shouldnt it be fine? I just ask as this is a new build and id be upset if something so simple shorted and killed it.. so this is more of a what if question.. is it best left alone as its just one screw/standoff? Thanks for the help.
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  1. You can leave it as it is. No shorting issue.
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