Problems with GTX 590 (lower FPS than average)

Hi there,

I just recently purchased a new rig and I'm seeming to get 10-15fps lower than any GTX 590 benchmark I can find. I'm not sure why and I was wondering if you guys had any ideas.

My rig:
CPU: Core i7 2600k @ stock (3.4)
RAM: Kingston Hyper X 1600
GPU: EVGA GTX 590 Classified
MOBO: Asus p8z68v-pro
PSU: Corsair 1200 watt Professional Series
Case: CM HAF X
Harddrive: OCZ Vertex 3 120gb(only for boot as of now)
Harddrive: WD Caviar Black 1tb (for games and software)

The best example of the less than average FPS I get is in the original Crysis where at max settings with 8xAA at 1920x1080 I average about 10fps.

I was watching a video of a person who had very similar specs to mine who obtained 50-80fps with the same settings at the same resolution. Here is that video;

The only differences really are the overclocked CPU and the faster ram. But I don't see how those would make a 40-70fps difference.

The really weird part is that even though I get less than average fps on games, my 3dmark 11 score is X3264 which is more than double the highest score for the GTX 590 not-sli on their site. I have no idea how to explain this and so I've come to you guys. Do you guys have any ideas as to what the heck is going on?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Also I forgot to mention it scores a 7.8 on the Windows Experience Index. I've seen GTX 295's that score 7.9, but Nvidia's flagship GPU, the GTX 590 is only scoring a 7.8. This is frustrating as heck.
  2. Well your systems aren't the same. That being said your playing Crysis, with a new card that has very little in the way of driver support atm. The drivers may not be optimized correctly to run your card on Crysis.
  3. Make sure your running the same version of crysis. The game performance increases substantially once fully patched.

    Other things I can think up that may attribute to a huge FPS gap are:

    1) Is you 590 running off one GPU? or both enabled? I imagine it should work with both enabled for all applications out of the box, but /shrug I only have 580s

    2) Confirm your CPU is running at 3.4 while gaming/benching.. use a monitor like CPU-Z

    Drivers are definately a possibility

    Crysis is definately glitchy and unconsistant at high settings. I have an i7 990x and two 580s in SLI.. I think at 1080p, max settings, AA etc.. I get anywhere from 55fps to 75fps.. average 62ish fps? but strange stuff happens after my cards get around 58C watercooled. Crashes, freezes, and/or artifacts. Although I might only get that when I go above 1080p.. been a while since I played crysis 1.
  4. vigilante212 said:
    Well your systems aren't the same. That being said your playing Crysis, with a new card that has very little in the way of driver support atm. The drivers may not be optimized correctly to run your card on Crysis.

    not true...
    game drivers for 590 yeah maybe but that's not the issue why his card runs slower than suppose to be..
    check drivers.. whate drivers do you use now?
  5. I just got the computer less than a week ago and updated all of the drivers to the current versions. The cpu and ram difference wouldn't make him run at 40-70fps better than me that's just absurd considering we have the same GPU.

    I'm really not understanding how I get a 7.8 in the windows experience index. If I swap in my two gtx 460s, I have a 7.9. I find it completely ridiculous. And I still don't know how to explain getting double the average score for systems with the GTX 590 in 3dmark 11.
  6. I had a similar experience with my 470's when I first installed them. It turned out that Crysis really hated SmartDoctor, a software package from ASUS. I believe I've heard a similar issue with Precision, which is EVGA software package for OCing. You might want to uninstall that software.
  7. or try install older driver.. i mean like month older
  8. I actually don't have Precision installed. I just put in my old GTX 460s in SLI and it outperformed the GTX 590 in almost every respect which is absolutely absurd. It ran everything perfectly and I saw a jump of 40 fps on Crysis, and 10 in every other game which should not be the case at all. I'm convinced that the card is fault so I put up an RMA for a replacement.
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