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asrock h77 pro4-m

This is my first build and my first experience with uefi so was hoping for some guidance.

if i plug in a usb stick and reboot, the bios gives the option of booting it as uefi or usb. my harddisk is a wd 500 caviar and is formatted the exact same way as the usb for test purposes (esp partition, gpt, fat32) but the mobo does not show uefi boot option for harddisk only ahci. from what i've read ahci is bios compatability which i don't want

i have tried changing every relavant setting but no luck and reverted to default settings with no change. please help if you can
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  1. You need to go into he BIOS and change which disk is selected when you choose HARDDISK as your primary boot option. Think of it as a subcategory to choosing which set of devices boot first.
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