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I hope this is not a very stupid question. I build my computer about four years ago . It has a nice motherboard(asus p6t) a fast cpu intel I7 , ATI hd 4800 video card . When I go to my favorite model helicopter forum (runryder) and want to watch the videos it always starts and very soon stops and loads , goes on , stops and loads is very much a pain. It only really happens there . Any opinions on why ? I have Vista 64 .
The videos have a choice for watching , quick player,adobe and high definition, I have tried all three with the same results.
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    Simple, sounds like your getting throttled by your ISP, i would call them and have them check it out, or go to to check out your internet speeds.

    Whats happening when it stops and plays stops and plays, is its waiting for the video buffer to fill up so that you can stream a selection of video otherwise it would just be jittery without a buffer on a slow internet connection.

    It also could be that you have too slow of an internet connection to handle the videos, what is your speed? anything above 5mbps should handle at least streaming 480p videos nice and anything above 15mbps could handle streaming 1080p videos nice.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I used the speedtest and it gave me 6.83 mbps , I wiill call the provider since I think I should be getting a 10 speed .
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