Motherboard blasted

Hello all,
I need help from members.
Yesterday,suddenly one sound from high to low level came from my pc and after that my pc is not showing anything nor even bios at all.
When I contacted local pc manufacturer,he said there is problem with either processor or motherboard.
So,what should I do now?

My motherboard is Intel DG31PR motherboard
and processor is Intel core2duo e7500 2.93 GHz.

I am confused and dont know what to do?

My motherboard and processor warranty is also expired.Warranty was for only 3 years and problem came after 3 years and a month.

Will intel replace my processor and motherboard?

plz help me I m crying literally.
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    There's only one way to diagnose computer problems like yours outside of a laboratory environment. Suspect components need to be replaced one at a time with known good ones until the problem goes away. I don't know how that scenario fits into your situation but I assure you that a local repair facility will do the same thing after making some basic visual checks looking for things like burned spots on circuit boards, exploded capacitors and melted wires. It sounds like the computer is several years old so maybe it's just time for a new one. It won't take much work to equal the value of an old computer.
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