Why do my keys suddenly switch to commands when I'm typing?

I just got a new Toshiba laptop and right away I realized that when I was typing in MS Word each letter became a command (i.e.: p=print) for no reason that I can discern. I don't know if the keyboard is hyper sensitive and I'm hitting a strange combo of keys somehow, but it's happened several times and I can't type. I thought it might just be in MS Word but I couldn't type in my google search bar either. All I could do was cut my losses and restart the computer to get it to go back to normal. Please help.



P.S. I apologize if I put this in the wrong category. I'm really not good with this stuff :)
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  1. Hi :)

    Its probably a faulty keyboard...try a USB keyboard plugged in...if that works fine , you need a new keyboard...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. sounds like you have a dodgy "Ctrl" key

    holding control and pressing "p" is a shortcut to print in microsoft word

    take it back to the shop you got it from
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