What is going on with my new build?

Finished my first build and everything went well, until I restarted the computer after installing all the drivers. As soon as I entered my password to login to Windows the computer shut off, it didn't go through the Windows shutdown process, the screen went black and said there wasn't any connection. And the weird thing is all the case, CPU and gpu fans were still running tho Windows wasnt booted. Fans don't turn off unless I unplug the computer, and immediately after I plug the cable back in the computer turns on without me even pressing the power button. Also holding down the power button in an attempt to turn off the fans just turns the motherboard back on, and it repeats the process.

There was no indication that I installed the hardware wrong, first boot up worked fine.

I have the case fans connected directly to the motherbaord, so fans shouldn't be left on.

Also I got an asrock extreme4 gen3 mobo and it has a debug led and it reports no errors.

Please any support would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Are you able to put in your windows disk and run a recovery?
  2. Some things to check first in case you didn't already 1) If your graphics card requires the extra 4pin connectors make sure it is in all the way. 2) Check to make sure your power supply is up to the task. ex. Swap it out with another on that you know is working, preferably one that is higher wattage if your unsure about your current power supply's wattage.
  3. Thanks for the replies. A new power supply fixed the problem.

    A new problem occurred tho:
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