So I ordered a motherboard from Newegg for my first build, but I accidentally bought the P8Z77-V LE instead of the P8Z77-V LK. I understand that the LE has advantage over the LK in the TPU switch, but the LK has the ability for the SLI for PCI-e 3.0 x8/x8, whereas the LE only has one PCI-e 3.0 slot. I have the GTX 660Ti Superclocked + 3GB (PCI-e 3.0 x16). Should I have an RMA for my Mobo and get the LK for the future of SLI, or is SLI not necessary?

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  1. SLI is not necessary unless you plan to use it. Your LE is a fine board with a single powerful GPU.
  2. Ok, but might it be a good idea to have SLI to "futureproof" my setup, or might I get away with a single GPU until I want to upgrade in the future, possibly to well, say the Haswell chipset or something even further down the line?
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    If you're going to upgrade to Hanswell later on, you'll need to replace the motherboard anyways. the 1155 socket isn't going to be supported by any future cpus.

    And IMO, it's a lot better to upgrade your GPU by selling the current gpu and then buying another single card GPU. The drivers for CFX/SLI for newer games are generally terrible and doesn't perform much better than single card GPUs until a month or two after release when new drivers comes out to support CFX/SLI for the game.

    And there really isn't any future proofing in PCs. Only thing you can do is buy in when a new socket comes out and upgrade to the next generation of cpus a year later. As long as you're have the latest PCI-E slot, it should be fine for 3-5 years before they update the standard again...
  4. Agree with above, it is going to be a while until the GTX660ti is not going to make it on single monitor gaming. When that time comes you will be looking at least 2 to 3 generations of GPU's in the future and possibly a full system upgrade.
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