What is the the solution to the computer motherboard that not power

Hello,have used different power on my board but the board did not power at all and those power are working perfect because have test it on another board.please what caan i do. thank u.
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  1. First check to see if your CMOS battery needs replacing. When it dies, the system won't boot up.
  2. AFAIK, you can take a battery completely out and still boot up, just no BIOS settings will be saved and you will have to detect all the hardware every time for POSTing.

    I could be wrong, though.

    If you have used a PSU that is working on another computer on the broken computer and it still won't turn on, its likely one of two problems
    1) The *new* one doesn't have enough juice to run your PC
    2) The motherboard is blown and you will have to replace it.

    I have fixed probably 600 computers professionally and I don't remember a single time when the problem was the battery.

    On the other hand, more than 50% of the time it was a problem of needing a new PSU. Another 25% of the time it was probably the motherboard going bad.

    If it is an old computer, I would guess the PSU, because those tend to be the first things to go.

    Tell us what PSU you had before that doesn't work (maker/model), the *new* one you tried that worked somewhere else but not on your computer (maker/model) and the maker and model of everything else in the computer and we can give better advice if you need more than this.
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