GTX 570 SC - Voltage question

I started playing Deus Ex this weekend and have been noticing some weird things going on like crashing and freezing with my EVGA 570 SC. I read around on some forums that for 5xx series cards, the voltages had been set too low and were causing crashes in games like the new Deus Ex or Crysis 2, etc.

I tried setting my voltage to 1050mv in MSI Afterburner, but when I played for about 10 minutes, my fan started going insane. It just kept turning on full power and then turning off, repeat. I checked the temperature and max was at 98c... I'm pretty sure that's way too high. I set it back down to 1000, and the temp was around 85... (also in MSI afterburner, the fan is selected as Auto, maybe I should blast it to full?)

I'm thinking something else is wrong here because I didn't even touch any other settings, so I didn't really overclock it and it shouldn't be increasing in temps so much..

Another thing that bothered me was that I was reading how 570 owners were boosting up to 900mhz and maybe only like 1025v and their stock settings were somewhere around 1023mv default.. my stock settings are 797mhz core and 975 voltage.. and it's supposed to be a SC edition?

Anyway.. I'm not sure what to do right now so I reset the settings back to default so nothing would happen.. any advice would be great! Thanks!

Also, here are my specs:
Intel 2500k Sandy Bridge CPU
2x4gb Patriot 1600mhz RAM
Intel SSD 120gb SDD
MSI P67a-g43 MB
GTX 570 SC (evga)
Old GTX 275 used for dedicated Physx
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  1. what is the temperature in the room?
    that is pretty hot for a GPU
    though not unheard of

    what is your cooling like
    describe case and fan layout (sizes of fans and positon)

    maybe a PCI cooling setup (fan exhausting out the PCI bus)
    might be needed
  2. Hmm.. it's been a little hot lately, but the case is a HAF-X.

    There are 2 big fans, one at the top of the case and one on the side. Then there is a fan in the front near the HD slots and a Frio CPU cooler.
    Here are some pictures:

    and here is a newegg page about the case: here

    Just tested stock settings and I'm still getting 83c just for playing less than 10 minutes.
    I put the fan speed on 75 and it seems like the card held at stock settings around 60c. But since the voltage was stock and back at 975 - deus ex just crashed on me, and as soon as it happened - the GPU fan also stopped.
    I set it to 1000mv and boosted the fan to 80 and so far it's only at 60c while under heavy load, looks good!
  3. I know my card idles at around .9
    and with it at full or OC settings it is at 1.1
    but every card has different settings
    but 975 sounds low for full 3D clock settings
  4. How do you set it so that it idles at certain settings?
    I was doing pretty good yesterday, tested out 1000mv and 80 fan speed and was holding around 60c - 65max after playing a few hours or so of Deus Ex.

    The only thing is I have to do 2 profiles because the fan speed is sooo loud. So I just have 1 profile with Stock settings and profile 2 at the 1000mv and 80 fan speed. But it's kind of annoying switching between them, so that would be great if I could set some kind of automatic idle setting.

    Also, how can I stress test my voltage settings are safe?
    I tried Furmark and I did the 1080 test button.. it was for a minute and I think it maxed around 65c.
  5. Do not go above 1.040 or you will likely kill your card in the long run. The gtx 570 isn't a card to be screwing around with when it comes to the voltage due to the power vrm.
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