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i have a HP s5000 series desktop model number s5623w. below is the link to the specs of my computer, as of now its completely out of the box. looking to start ordering in the next day or so? sorry if i dont answer the right questions please let me know. ive only been studying computers for a little while and this will be my second time fixing/upgrading a computer

i want it to be a little faster so i figured id just upgrade the mobo, ram and CPU. here is a list of the follow 3 if you could tell it if it would be compatiable? if youd change anything let me know, not trying to go over $250-$300 bucks. also was wondering if this mobo can support dual monitors? i noticed a HDMI and DVI? if not i can buy a GPU later down the road.

going to keep my PSU and HDD that came stock, would 220W 100-240v be enough? and my HDD i assume would just plug right in?
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  1. First of all, I don't think you're going to have a nice time installing a new mobo into this case. Most, if not all, prebuilds are designed around the mobo already installed. Two areas of concern are:

    1. The front panel (power button, card readers, etc)
    2. PSU

    According to the specs you linked, the mobo already has support for the P2X4 line; however, the PSU that comes installed is garbage. Even if you were able to install the new mobo and be able to connect the front panel to the new mobo, that PSU wouldn't be much good, especially if you want to install a dedicated GPU later.

    But, to answer your questions....

    Yes, the mobo, RAM, and CPU are all compatible with each other.

    Yes, the mobo can support a PCI-E GPU.

    Keeping your PSU is fine, but using it for your new parts isn't. For what you plan on doing (and assuming you are able to install a different mobo), I'd strongly consider a better PSU. Something like this one: would do nicely.

    Yes, you can reuse the HDD, but you'll very likely need to reformat the disk to accomodate the new mobo. Typically what happens when you use an HDD from a different mobo is BSOD and/or freezing. This is because motherboard drivers and info is stored into the OS registry, and every time you boot, the OS would be trying to load and search for the old mobo, resulting in a plethora of problems.
  2. so if i understand you correctly, then if i purchase the psu you linked or one like it, then id be able to make the upgrade? i can stand spending another $80 to have it work when i recieve it rather than get it to find out that its not going to work. yes i understand the psu is crap. honestly this whole computer is crap but i dont have alot of money to be throwing away right now. :??: but thanks alot for the quick response. ill see what i can do with another psu. also any other combo's that anyone can think of for about the same price in a slim case?
  3. The PSU I linked will be able to carry the load of the system you're planning on building, plus a mid-level GPU. Check out this chart for an idea of what kind of PSU to consider:

    The PSU is only a part of the problem. You may not be able to connect the power button switch (and other front panel circuits) to the motherboard, because typically, the front panel of prebuilds is lumped into one connector. This connector may not match up to the front panel pins on the new mobo.

    Hope is not lost though, as there may be a way to modify your case. If I'm right about the front panel being lumped into one connector, all you have to do is buy a power switch and reset switch (if your case has a reset button), and then use the switches you bought in place of the equipped switches. Alternatively, you could try to back the wires out of the connector.
  4. yeah not really worried about the front panel. i plan on making a few mods to the case after i make the changes inside it so thats no problem. so ill add the psu to my list and make the order. maybe take another day or so and search around but i think im stuck on this combo list. thanks for all your help.
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